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  • NOTICE Notice Regarding Game Connectivity New 05-24-15 layer

    Greetings Tamers! We are aware that our players are experiencing issues regarding connectivity. Our Game Operations Team is currently working to resolve the issue. Rest assured that we will do our best to fix the problem as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience cau...

  • NOTICE Notice regarding Illegal Trading Sites 05-19-15 layer

    Hello tamers, this is Digimon Masters.   We would like to ask all our valued players to please take time to read the following reminders.   Currently, there are many websites particularly promoting illegal trading and services such as power leveling, selling of gold, sil...

  • PATCH Server Maintenance Notice(No Server Downtime) 05-18-15 layer

    Hello, this is the Digimon Masters.   Please be informed that our Weekly Maintenance on Tuesday, May 19, 2015, will not require any server downtime.  Both website and game servers will be up and available to our players.   Thank you and...

  • PATCH Extra Server Maintenance Completed 05-14-15 layer

    Hello. This is Digimon Masters.   Extra server maintenance for all servers has been completed , all players can now log in and enjoy the game!   We apologize for any inconveniences that this may have caused to all of you and we appreciate your understanding regarding thi...

  • PATCH Extra Server Maintenance Notice 05-14-15 layer

    Hello this is Digimon Masters, All Servers will undergo Extra Server Maintenance. Please bear with us as we try to open the servers as soon as possible. [Period] 5/14 10:00 ~ 12:30 JST [Details] - White Bearded Guru NPC Bug will be fixed Thank you.

  • NOTICE 500% EXP Compensation 05-13-15 layer

    Hello, This is Digimon Masters.   We, the GM Team would like to apologize for the connections issues in all Game Servers last May 7, 2015 and for the frequent random Server downs of Lucemon server which had happened for several days that could have bothered our tamers’ play tim...

  • NOTICE White Bearded Guru NPC Bug(Fixed) 05-13-15 layer

    Hello Tamers, This is Digimon Masters.   We have found a bug in the game wherein players are getting booted out from the game when they talked to "White Bearded Guru NPC" and clicked the "Attribute Store Merchant" in Server Continent Pyramid Map.   Pl...

  • PATCH Server Maintenance Completed 05-12-15 layer

    Hello. this is Digimon Masters.   In order to maintain a pleasant gaming and smooth patching experience, weekly server Maintenance of all servers has been completed.   Time of Completion: May 12, 2015 at 12:35 Joymax Standard Time (GMT+9)   [Game Update] ...

  • EVENT Apocalymon BM mode item and 1$ Digimon sales! 05-12-15 layer

    Greetings Tamers,   Apocalymon Burst Mode Item is now available in the cash shop for a limited time!   And that’s not all! Palmon (Woodmon), Betamon, Hagurumon (MechaNorimon) and DemiDevimon Digieggs are also on sale for 1$!   [Limited Sale Event] ...

  • PATCH Server Maintenance Notice 05-11-15 layer

    Hello, this is the Digimon Masters.   In order to maintain a pleasant gaming and smooth patching experience, all servers will be undergoing server maintenance.   Maintenance Period: May 12, 2015. 10:00~15:00 (5 Hours) Joymax Standard Time (GMT +9).   [Game U...


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