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Big Amendments of Digimon Masters!

Hello, this is Digimon Masters.

Attention Tamer's!

Since our commercial/official service started last week, we know that all of our players were expecting a lot of things to happen within the realm of the Digimon. Adventures within the realm of the Digimon is never ending now that there will be“New Maps” for daring Tamers to explore and along the way, “New Digimon” shall arise for Tamers to obtain. We would like to thank all of the players who have been actively sending and posting their comments and suggestions for the benefit of the game we all love.

Here are some of the updates and Improvements you can expect within the game:


1. Regarding Removal of Playtime Limit & Increase of Drop/Hatching Rate

Playtime Limit and Low DropRatehave been set up in order to provideanoptimized gameplay that includes Game Server Stability and,also minimize,if not eradicate, bot/illegal program users’activities. Rest assured that future updates will be set for players’preferable policy and service. We all know that all of you are requesting for the removal of the 3/5 hours game time limit and we are glad to inform all of our players that 3/5 hours game time limit will be removed soon so that all of you can enjoy the game for as long as you want. Application of Playtime Limit and Low Drop rate was intended to protect our players and maintain a good gaming environment that’s free from illegal program users like bots, etc. However, we have been aware that legitimate players were also affected by this protection method and this brought us to a decision to remove the playtime limit and increase the drop/hatching rate that matches with Korean Digimon Masters and we will apply on November 01, 2011. Hopefully, all Tamers will be very happy once you see this!


2. Regarding Premium Silk Purchasing Restriction

North America and Europe use credit card payment method the most and now they can buy prepaid cardsusing the following options below.  Countries or users who are not able to buy Premium Silk, please report to our Q&A or Forum section. All our players can now see which payment options to purchase premium silk are available once they login. We will try our best to expand and find our local partners for users to enjoy the benefits of buying Premium Silk.

- North America: Prepaid Card, Paysafecard, inComm

- EU: wallie, Paysafe card, Gamona

* For more details. Please click this link below

- Link:


3. Upcoming Updates

We would also like to introduce our upcoming updates which will be level cap increase, new Digimon, events, maps, items and avatars.

Here are the main updates that all our tamers can check.

1) New Digimon

- Monodramon (Mega=Justimon)

- Renamon (Mega=Sakuyamon)

- Tentomon (Mega=HerculesKabuterimon)

- Kiwimon (Mega=Gryphonmon)

- Gomamon (Mega=Vikemon)

- Agumon (Mega=WarGreymon)

- Hagurumon[MechaNorimon] (Mega=MugenDramon)

- Hagurumon[Gardromon] (Mega=HiAndromon)

2) Digivolve

- “Toy gun” (65Lv Beelzemon can digivolve onto Beelzemon Blast Mode by using this item), This means: Beelzemon Blast   Mode will be updated.

- "Z'd-hou “(65Lv MetalGarurumon can digivolve onto Z'dGarurumon by using this item)", This means: Z'dGarurumon update.

  • Note: Schedule and Version are subject to changes.

3) Three of the new maps

- Old D-Terminal

- Western Village of the west side

- Dark Tower Barren Land



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