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Digimon Masters battle system Development

Greetings to all Tamers!

This is GM Miyazaki

We are receiving a lot of request from our players to add a PVP System for Digimon Masters; we understand your eagerness to test your skills against one another and to prove your Digital Supremacy over the other tamers inside the Digital World.

We the GM team would like to announce that “Digimon Battle System” is now being develop for Digimon Masters!

And we would like to share some features about the battle system (tentatively) that most of our tamers are looking forward to these days.

Battle System information (PVP)

Battle system is the first PVP (Player VS Player) System in Digimon masters and that will allow players to control his or her own Digimon with keyboard instead controlling tamer in the battle, Once a player is engage with PVP he or she will only control his or her Digimon.

Battle System is not all about power and level because each Skill's, distance, and Evolution timing will add to your strategy so even if you are fighting a tougher opponent you can even the odds by formatting a strategy and make the battle more challenging and also together with Digimon battle System a variety of rewards will be given through this system.

Please keep in mind that as soon as the “Battle System” is applied it will go to a series of changes because as of now the battle system is still under development and testing.

The Battle system update is one of our top priorities, and we would like our players to know that we are trying our utmost to bring the system as soon as we possibly can

Further announcement will be posted once we have visible advancement in development of the system.

We hope that you will keep on supporting us as we provide you with more improvements in the game for your satisfaction.

Thank you.



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